How to improve sexual stamina

Now you find beautiful women, she’s sexy, she turns you on right and you expect the sex to be hot. Unfortunately you don’t last long enough. Now that will certainly be a bummer situation. Coming too early is a very common problem most men are aware of. Now generally men are able to come over premature ejaculation as they grow out of their teen years and enter adulthood.

If you still incur such a problem you should not worry. Male Extra Stamina is not impossible. There are many ways which can help you increase your stamina.

Why do Some Men Lack on Stamina

The biggest sex organ is said to be the mind. Sex is all in your head. That being said it has also been proved scientifically. A hormone is secreted by the mind which sends blood flow to your penis causing it to be erect.

Now there are numerous reasons as to why men may lack on stamina. Some men actually are very sensitive to penis sensation causing them to ejaculate early. Another possibility is that the porn scenes which are playing in your head diver your attention from what is happening in reality and takes you to another level which causes you to come early.

Apart from that some men suffer from erectile tissue disorders and have weak pelvic muscles. Some men ruin their over health due to over consumption of alcohol and excessive smoking.

Tips to Ensure Male Extra Sexual Stamina

Change Your Masturbation Techniques

Firstly start masturbating. Practice before the actual thing helps you gain control and overcome penis sensitivity. You should masturbate to keep the system functional even when you don’t have proper sex. Do make it a point to adopt the right Masturbation methods though.

If you happen to be already masturbating for Male Extra Stamina then it’s about time that you change your technique. Now the difference between the tightness and lubrication between actual sex and masturbation may be a key factor which hinders your path to pleasure. You should modify your masturbation technique so that it fits better in the real sex scenario.


Exercise plays a key role in building up your stamina. During sex you make use of many muscles which don’t operate much otherwise. It is essential that you opt for strength training so your muscles gain enough capacity and elasticity.

Exercise also increases your level of endurance. Interval training is highly recommended for stamina building. Interval training should be incorporated in to your life style. Interval training increases your stamina and ability to work out.

Erection is all about flow. If your blood flow is strong in the penis you will get harder. Now maintenance of blood pressure helps you out immensely. Exercise helps you regulate blood pressure and strengthens the heart to pump well. The stronger your heart is the better blood will travel throughout the body.  Many exercises which can be done to increase Male Extra stamina include

  • Kegal Exercise
  • Push Ups
  • Sit Ups
  • Hip Flexor Lunge
  • Lying gluteal Bridge
  • Yoga Dog Pose

Free Your mind

The key to lasting long in bed is to free your mind from expectations. Expectations just add up to unwanted pressure which directly affects your performance. You should clear out your mind from any porn scenes which may be playing. Those visuals happen to affect what is happening in reality. You get turned on too easily and eventually come quickly too.

Stress is a major factor which decreases your libido. Get rid of your depression and stress to regain in your sexual life. If the stress is unavoidable talk to your partner about your problems. Venting out will not only help you but will also strengthen your relationship with your partner in bed. Semenax Review

Give Up on alcohol and Smoking

Excessive drinking and smoking are two habits which affect your sexual life adversely. Alcohol is known to decrease your libido significantly and also leads to impotence and sterility in males. Smoking damages the heart and lungs. Your heart weakens and is not able to function properly. The blood flow is restricted due to narrowing of the veins and arteries.

A healthy lifestyle will help you in your sexual pleasures too. Refrain from such habits so that you can regain pleasure in bed.

Eat the right food

Food can help you out much more than you expect it to. A good diet full of nutrients helps you gain better erection and improves your overall health. Take a balanced diet and increase the amount of fruits and vegetables you consume. Bananas really help in sex life. They are full of potassium and give you much needed energy. You must have heard of ‘An apple a day’ theory but you can now go for the ‘Banana a day’ instead to increase sexual stamina.

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